Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Getting very busy and sadly have lost the vibe for warmachine right now.

Hi everyone.

First of all, apologies for not being more on top of the old blog process. I've been working out a lot of things with my wife's decision that we need to separate and I've been on quite the emotional rollercoaster. Big thanks go out to Old Shatter Hands for being a great friend and keeping me involved in things (your baby shower was so fun!).

Emotionally I'm getting better with things and I think I've started to create the mental separation that I need to get on with my life and start moving on from the pain and hurt. Hopefully my wife will have all of her stuff moved out soon and I can stop seeing her clothes, our pictures etc. and feel so sad. Also the quicker she moves away, the sooner I can stop thinking about how she's managed to start dating someone already.

The bad news too is that I have really lost my interest in Warmachine right now. I think it's because I got into the game fairly recently and now it is associated with such a difficult time in my life that I just feel like I don't want any part of it for now. Thankfully I haven't spent much money on it yet and there is no need to get out of the game, but I do hope that in time I will rediscover the fun of playing it.

In other news I've joined the rather hardcore and extremely fun Frederick Fight Club. I've done nearly 4 hours of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, pad work and Mixed Martial arts training the last two nights and my body is aching so much. I'm planning on doing 2 hours per weeknight and 4 hours on saturday to make the most of my monthly fees ($100 per month is not cheap on my salary) but that does cut into hobby time a bit. Still I figure that I will be pretty ripped, stacked, cut, chopped, diced, torn or whatever words you like in just a few weeks. Perhaps it will put off my 40k opponents if I become a cage fighter and give me a psychological edge :-)

I think I will be able to put some more energy back into the hobby as I get more time to hang out with friends and come to terms with the major changes I'm going through so thanks to everyone for reading and posting. I appreciate all messages of support and I have been following people's blogs with interest, even if I don't always post.

All the best



  1. Oh, that's just painful man :(. I can't even imagine how hard that would be.

    Going and getting some physical activities is going to be awesome though, you're really going to get quite a good distraction in there! I hit the gym at least 3 days a week, and it's totally worth it just to relax. Plus, it helps to look awesome!

  2. Hey Asmo. Yeah it's pretty bad in a lot of ways. I've had a weird morning too because my ex called to thank me for something last night. There was a huge thunderstorm so I warned her about it as she was planning to come and get some of her stuff from the apartment while I was out. She just wanted to say thanks for being considerate and so on but the conversation was so strange as we were half being our old friendly selves and half trying to get off the phone...bizarre

    Anyway the physical side of things is great (except for the aches) and I'm having a great time training heavily. It helps me not stop and think too much about things and I've met some good people at the gym. Given a few weeks and months I'll be in condition to unleash some real butt kicking too.

    I've got a busy weekend planned too with various necessary errands but also training, a 40k game and then going to DC to meet friends on Sunday so perhaps with a bit of time off and figuring stuff out I'll be back in the swing of wargames soon.

    Thanks for the comment and well done on doing so much Dark Elf stuff on your blog. I'm bowled over by your comprehensive efforts.

  3. That would be pretty damn awkward. I've never really been good with things like that, I can't imagine it's any easier even if one does. Ugh.

    That's really great- all that work is going to pay off, as I'm sure you know. Martial Arts adds a lot to ones life and mental state (as I've heard from anyone I know who's done it).

    Hope things go well man, try to take it easy!