Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm still alive and I've just bought myself some Warmachine

Much like Old Shatter Hands over at the Tau of War, I have been very busy recently with little or no time for blogging/wargaming stuff. Me and my wife just moved into our new apartment in Frederick, Md and have been busy getting used to life. Of course, we had no sooner got settled than we went back to Bethesda to dogsit for our old neighbours for a bit of extra cash. Now that I've finished at Starbucks (7 day working weeks were too much after 6 months) I have a lot more free time coming up so hopefully there will be more bloggage and more gaming going on.

Now my position in the sales team for clear channel (5 radio stations: Hot 99.5, DC101, 97.1 Wash FM, 98.7 WMZQ and BIG 100.3) is a tough job at times as there are many many thousands of dollars moving around at all times and I have a team of seven salespeople to manage. It's a lot of fun though and I get to meet with some celebrities at times. So far:

- Three Day's Grace
- Shinedown
- Silversun Pickups
- Kellie Pickler
- Sarah Buxton
- Cage The Elephant
- Charice Pempengco
- Vita Chambers

Some of these are big groups, some of them are up and coming but it's all good fun. In any event, I've been lucky to get a little boost in my sales position through the wonder of commission. I'm a salaried employee but a few chances have come up to make some small extra cash on commission for certain voucher sales ( I don't make a lot but for the month of march it was nearly $100 on top of my regular pay, yay.

So I bought myself some warmachine...

Since OSH gave me some trollbloods already I didn't buy a lot in the way of models (just one) but I picked up the rulebook Prime Mk2. I'm excited because it's supposed to be a great book as well as having the rules for nearly all of the models in the different Warmachine Factions (excepting a few that came out after the book). Imagine if GW released the 6th edition 40k rulebook with a full colour page on each model/unit for half of the game factions? That would be cool***

So the model I bought is not for playing really but is just for the sheer beauty and joy of painting.

May I present the Harbinger of Menoth

That is some sweet looking model right there. Also, if I never play the Menoth faction in Warmachine, I think it looks far better than the GW model for the Living saint so we might have some Holy-God-Emperor's-Power-Channeling flying saint action as well as Holy-God-of-the-Menites'-Power-Channeling flying warcaster.

All in all I'm pretty happy. Especially because I ordered it this afternoon and the UPS email suggests it might be delivered tomorrow. How's that for service?

Go Warstore :-)

***PS: I should be fair to GW here and say that I'm very impressed with their unit stat summary in the back of AOBR rulebook but it skips over a lot of the special rules.

PPS: Dhinata over at Run'Al is officially the man for helping me out on something that I will blog about if it works. Thankyou good sir.


  1. Oi, the Prime Mk II book has rules for some of the models from each faction. You get rules for about 3 out of each faction's 12 warcasters, plus a few jacks, units and solos. The Forces of Warmachine books will have ALL the stats for models of that particular faction.

    We should play though man, it's a great time! Trollbloods would be a great chance to finally get my Skorne used! It'll be even better because I have NO idea how to play Skorne, lol.

  2. Ah, that's a bummer but at least it gives a good starting point for the core models. I'll probably pick up the other books as well when time and funds allow just for the background and artwork.

    I'm definitely interesting in playing. I don't really understand how Hordes works with the Fury so we should be fairly well matched for a game or two vs the Skorne.


  3. I would love to come by and see you guys play Hordes. I've never seen it played at all.

    Am I getting old because I have no idea who any of those celebrities are? Think so.

  4. That would be cool. Maybe a big 40k game with Dhinata from Run'Al for a 2vs2, then we can play some Warmachine/Hordes as well. That would make for a fun day.

    There's no shame OSH. I hadn't heard of most of the bands before I started. Three Day's Grace are the biggest of the bands so far. I didn't know them beforehand but when I heard the songs they sounded familiar (albeit much much louder). Half the time I don't know who the people are who are coming in to play for us. I just go along to each one for a good lunch break :-)

  5. The fury part is easy, I can cover that in like a minute.

    I gotta say, I'm not really that old (26?) and I don't know most of those celebrities. Just 4. Maybe I need to other types of music...

  6. Nope. Don't know a single one of 'em ;)

    The model does look great, btw.

  7. Thanks Sholto. I have started constructing the model now (thankyou Warstore for next day delivery) and it's quite a challenge. Basically the Harbinger herself needs to be built, the cape swirls need attaching, then the acolytes can go on the base and finally the chains get attached. Along the way, pretty much everything has to be pinned because there are so many thin and fragile bits. I'm going to put up a post about it when I get time to take some photos.

    I apologise also as I've been meaning to comment on your great looking Malifaux models on your blog but, as usual, my time has been filled up. Great work in any case.