Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas painting season, then the wife rediscovers transfers :-)

Happy New Year everyone.

I hope you all had (or are still having) a great holiday season and relaxed nicely with family and friends. I know that I did and I'm still lucky enough to be off from teaching English until next week. Terrible for the bank balance (I'm freelance so no work = no pay) but great for relaxation and my hobby time. 

Over Christmas we spent a week in my wife's home village in southern Slovakia. It was as relaxing as usual since my mother in law refused nearly all offers of help and wouldn't let me cook/clean/wash up or do much other than relax. Well...if you insist ;-)

While the ladies chatted happily in Hungarian and baked oodles of tasty treats, I decided to kick butt on the painting front. I took my totally unpainted Eldar Jetbike force down with me and can happily report that I returned with all of the primed models totally painted. Then when arranging them on my desk at home my wife discovered the transfer sheets and her face lit up. When she was younger, she and her cousin loved using transfers to decorate eggs and the like. She gave me the puppy dog eyes and how could I refuse. An hour later she'd stuck them in just about every place they could go on the models.....and given them the pop that they really needed to stand out. 


Here is the paintscheme in general. I wanted to do something different to the Dark Eldar but stay close enough to tie the two forces together. I went for an armour colour match but the bikes were in gold and blue.

My aerial assault force ready for battle, replete with awesome new transfers. 

The Autarch is now glued and placed on his Rhino-blade-bike and I'll prime him in the next batch of models.

Here is my farseer conversion on the triple bladed bike with a singing spear.

Side view showing the greenstuff handle. Since I spliced two spears together (the shaft from a Venom flagpole spear and the head from a Scourge power spear) I knew I'd need to reinforce the joint. I went for the twisted pattern you see here. It's not perfect but once painted up I hope it'll look good. I still want to greenstuff a cloak to make the model stand out but that's still on the cards.

Now I've moved on to the Finecast haemonculus batch I received as gifts before Christmas. I'm doing the messy parts first with the pale skin (Menoth white base, blue wash, highlights) and then I'll get onto the other colours to bring the models up. Any thoughts on colour schemes here? I'm thinking of going with a flesh/hide skirt colour but need something to tie them into the rest of the force. Since the others use red with a touch of purple as a spot colour I'm considering the opposite here. I think that the haemonculus force being different from the main force but consistent with one another will look nasty. 

Best wishes to everyone and comments welcome :-)


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