Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cheesing it up with Draigowing?

Hey all,

After rummaging around in the various gaming bits my dad brought over to Bratislava when he visited, I found my batch of metal Grey Knight Terminators that I got in trade before leaving the US. As I counted up how many bodies, arms and weapons I had, a thought struck me....Draigowing. While I don't have that many terminators, using Draigowing means I can make a 1500pt army with perhaps 15 figures all in all.

For those who aren't familiar with the term, Draigowing is named after Deathwing and is another all terminator force that can be played, this time with the Grey Knight Codex (the other one is Loganwing with Space Wolves). It involves using the special character Kaldor Draigo to unlock Paladins (2 wound terminator dudes) as troops and having a nasty, deathstar-type army list.

To sum up the list:

- Draigo
- Librarian
- 10 Paladins with 4 psycannons
- 5 Paladins with 2 incinerators

Add a few upgrades and it makes 1500 on the nose. Compact and deadly, I hope.

Here's what I have to start working with.

Sterm with a Storm Shield will be Draigo and the brother captain will be the librarian.

My long range firepower component.

The rest of the big squad.

My incinerator squad, still short a few arms unfortunately.

So here is the next project that I'll be working on alongside the Deathwing painting and Dreadfleet, though my girlfriend has expressed interest in helping with the latter. She played two games against me last night (winning both) and is quite a fan of the ship-based boardgame vibe.

I am a little short of weapons and other bits for these guys. You'll notice that I have an extra four bodies in the first picture with no arms for them. It's a bit of a bummer but I might just use regular plastic terminator arms for them and then paint them up as another Deathwing squad if I need to expand the army.

Of course, if any readers have spare Grey Knight terminator weapons they might be willing to part with, please get in touch ;-)

Also, any tactical thoughts or advice for this compact army is much appreciated.

All the best,


PS: Next post is about me getting my butt kicked at Dreadfleet by my girlfriend.


  1. A 1500 point army, made up of 17 models? Sounds like my sort of army!

    If it's any consolation my wife regularly beats me at board games... ;)

  2. I'm excited about it too, Andy. It's fun enough playing with a 27 model Deathwing army so having something even smaller is just crazy. It'll make for a fairly easy painting project too and give me a very portable gaming experience. Handy when you catch the bus everywhere :-)

    We're looking into getting some boardgames too. Edina really likes Dreadfleet but finds it a bit dark and mean when we sink each other's ships (she's now 3-0 against me...). We're looking at some of the other boardgames out there that have a bit of fun and light-heartedness. Currently topping our list is one called Stone Age. You send out little hunters and gatherers and compete to build up your village the fastest.

    Pete :-)

  3. There are some cool cooperative ones out there too, like Pandemic and Star Trek Expeditions - might need more than two players though.

  4. They sound neat. I'll try to check them out. Thanks :-)