Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How white is bone? Deathwing painting help please!

Hey everyone,

I really need some help and thoughts with respect to painting up the bone armour of the Deathwing. I have thus far painted most of my models in three stages:

- Bone white spray
- sepia wash
- highlighting with Menoth White base.

Now I started to paint up the next layer of highlighting with Menoth White Highlight and had a pause. Do you think it is too bright of a jump or should I continue to do this with the other Deathwing models?

L-R: Bone spray, sepia wash, menoth base, menoth highlight

It is possible of course for me to mix the base and highlight colours to have something in between but that carries the penalty of mixing paint to the same level for 27 terminator figures. I'm not sure if I have the patience for that haha.

Please pass on your thoughts so I can decide how I'll brighten up my models (or not).

Much appreciated.



  1. I like the added White highlight - I think they'll stand out better with it.

  2. Thanks for the comment Andy. I guess it would have been too good to be true that I'd be finished painting already haha.

    So, just 9 more terminators who need their wash and base highlight done, then I get to run all of them through the assembly line again to boost up the highlights :-)

    On the plus side it does give me something to keep busy with.


  3. I think the Menoth white is a little too bright. I would just use it for hard edges only. So once you have the menoth base done over the wash, just use the highlight to paint the edges and stuff. Will look great I bet.

  4. Fair point OSH. How do you highlight things like the smooth shoulder pad though? I started by doing some edge highlighting but it looked a bit silly just on the bottom of the shoulder pad and I couldn't figure out how best to do it along the upper side.


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