Thursday, July 22, 2010

Everything on hold. Real life problems :-(

Hey everyone.

Unfortunately my blog and hobby time are going to be completely on hold for the immediate forseeable future due to some pretty major things going on that will be dominating my life.

While I may get some time in to do painting or whatever, right now I can't even concentrate mentally on anything but what's happening to my life. Even that is hard and so any painting stuff will probably just be used as a way to unwind and try to gain some control over what's going on.

Unfortunately nothing is definite about how the situation will resolve and in some ways that is the hardest part.

Thanks for all of the support you have given and I promise to come back as soon as I can find the time and emotional energy.

All the best to you and I will keep checking in on your blogs.




  1. I hope everything turns out well! :(. And hopefully gets resolved (positively) as quickly as possible! :(

  2. Thanks Asmo. I hope it turns out as well.

    It isn't something that will be fully sorted for at least a few months, but I'm hoping the initial pain and sadness of it will ease off soon.

    Fingers crossed :-)

    PS: I've liked your fantasy blog posts but I've only had the time/energy to skim read them, not comment.

  3. Well, a few months is a bit of a wait, but at least a little relief soon would be nice :(.

    And thanks. I'm trying to adjust to a new edition, really hoping that I get some inspiration by thinking it through. And maybe someone will find it useful. Or not :).

    Regardless, hope everything turns out okay :(.

  4. Well sadly it's me and my wife separating to get some space and find ourselves. We have both recognised that we haven't really figured ourselves out and we need to do that or we won't be happy in life.

    The problem is that we are still best friends and we want to support each other through this. This means still seeing each other and trying to help out, but that's extra tough when we are a big part of the difficulty and sadness for each other.

    Anyway in the short term things should stabilise and I will stop feeling quite so bad. Longer term is a bit far for me to figure out right now but I'm hoping that we both find ourselves and get to stay friends.

    Whatever happens will be tough but fingers crossed we both get out the other side better off and not hurting so much.


    PS: Keep posting, I need things to read to distract me from all this :-)

  5. Hey dude, sorry to hear that - if you want send me an email to the address in my profile. I have a single piece of very good advice, if you wish to hear it. :) Regardless best wishes!

  6. Best wishes, Pete. I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

  7. Best wishes from this side of the pond mate, I wish I had some great wisdom that could help - the best I have is to take strength from those around you, and never be afraid to ask for help.


  8. Thanks OSH, looking forward to the party/gathering tonight :-)

    Andy, I appreciate the good wishes. I have been very fortunate in that there is no animosity, anger or unpleasantness in this separation. We are still best friends and we are going to help each other get through this. She agreed to be my sexy friend who comes into the LGS and flirts with me to distract my awkward opponent if I'm playing a key game ;-)

    I really appreciate all of the good wishes from people. Going through something like this makes you recognise how many good people there are out there who care about you and want to help. Thanks to each and every one of you for that.


  9. Sorry to hear about you and your wife, and I hope you manage to sort things out. It sounds like you're both dealing with things a whole lot better than a few friends of mine managed it!

  10. Hey Sholto.

    I think we will manage alright and I'm so glad there is no animosity or hate between us. Mostly I think we're both sad and frustrated that it came to this and we didn't figure it out earlier, or end it in a less abrupt way. She was worried for a bit that we would fight over our joint assets but neither of us wants to hurt the other and nobody wants to steal half of what the other has. I'd probably come out better from it as I would get half her college savings and she'd get my incomplete Tau army ;-)

    I'm joking of course. I wouldn't take anything away from her as she's still my best friend and her family are still very supportive of me.

    Hopefully we'll get to the stage where we can just be good friends who used to share a marriage. It will be a great relationship at that stage because we'll know how to talk about anything...because we've been through it :-D

    I've actually been doing some more painting in the last few days so I might even get to update the blog soon.

    Thanks again for your thoughts.