Monday, May 17, 2010

In focus pictures of my sculpts (yes plural)!

Hi folks,

Just a quick update since I found a good spot to get in-focus pictures of my models. The new apartment doesn't have the best lighting but with a combination of the wall lights and a lamp, these pictures came out in good focus.

In the meantime, I also sculpted a corpse marker. This was brought up on the Lead Adventure forums as an idea for Ramshackle Games to start making. Since Curtis is busy sculpting many other things, I thought I'd give him a hand and try my skills at making a good corpse.

Here are the two models in all their glory.

Another view

The corpse has a few empty bullet cases on the right of the base, though they aren't so easy to see at this angle.

Here is a better view of the Harbinger of Menoth Base I sculpted and painted. There is a little bit of red bleed from one of the symbols that I need to deal with but otherwise i'm happy.

And here is the base along with the Harbinger herself. I've stopped after the first layers of paint because my white and bleached bone are getting old and gunky. I just bought some P3 paints to replace them so we'll see how they shape up. If nothing else, they are a bit cheaper than GW paints (18ml vs 12ml) and have the nice old flip-top lids that you used to get on Citadel paints.


  1. Looking good mate! I like the corpse, that's going to look really good painted up. The other chap's right arm looks a bit short, but still looks good.

    I still don't have the courage to get sculpting yet...

  2. Hey Andy, thanks for the comment.

    The corpse is going off along with the figure (and another corpse I did last night) to Curtis at Ramshackle games to see if it can get cast up in Resin. I'll let people know as soon as I get word from Curtis.

    A standing figure is definitely a lot harder to pull off than the corpse. Finding the proportions and making it all look complete is a real challenge. I might get some armatures and have another go at a figure sometime but for now it's nice to stick to sculpting bases and simpler stuff for now.


  3. Those are fantastic, man! I really like the look of the corpse, I'd love to see it get used by Ramshackle (would be VERY exciting!).

    I don't know how I'd even go about sculpting. Still a skill well past my ability, I'm afraid.

  4. Hey Asmo, thanks. I sent two corpse markers to Ramshackle along with the figure so hopefully they will work out for resin casting. I should get a couple of copies if Curtis decides to cast them and I'd be happy to pass one on to you if you like.

    I started sculpting kinda out of the blue. Like many things, it mostly takes practise. The good thing is that you have about 1-2 hours before the putty sets so you can play around and change things a bunch.

    I just picked up P3 tools for $7.99 from the warstore and got going using a paperclip frame to make this figure around. Basically have a go and work up from there.